Classic D&D

I’ve got no real interest in playing classic fantasy campaigns, but with a couple players interested in them I’ve decided to put some work into campaign set up.

While the tradition of starting players in a small village has certain advantages for building the campaign slowly, but also limits character options which detracts from the fantasy element of the fantasy role playing game. Another consideration is the use of a published setting such as Forgotten Realms or a homebrew setting. The homebrew is more work and offers less familiarity for players, but makes it easier to determine exactly what will be included.

Rules would be the modified second edition rules we used last time. I don’t plan on using Spelljammer this time (I’m including some Spelljammer elements in my Arcane Empire campaign, so don’t need it here).

I doubt the campaign would last more than ten levels so advancement would be a consideration. 3-5 sessions per level might be a good rate to go for, too long between leveling is frustrating while too much leveling burns a campaign out quickly.

A Vast Realm

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